Here are top 5 questions you need to be clear about before hiring a photographer for your wedding or event.

Does the photographer look professional?

No one will like the idea of hiring a photographer who looks unprofessional and dresses inappropriately. It’s important for the photographer to become an integral part or blend in the surroundings of the event. If the photographer comes to your wedding or event looking unprofessional then there is a high chance that guests might become uncomfortable which will make the whole situation quite awkward. Ensure that the photographer turns up at the event wearing proper clothing.

Has the photographer done similar projects before?

Ensure that the photographer you’re planning to hire is a specialist in the field of photography. You should give emphasis on hiring a specialist, but you can go with a generalist after ensuring that they deliver the type of work you want for your event.

Do you like the portfolio of the photographer?

It doesn’t matter how popular a photographer is, if you don’t like their portfolio then don’t hire them. This is mainly because they might fail to deliver the type of results you’re expecting. Every photographer develops a certain style over the years, which can be pointed out easily in their portfolio. So, asking a photographer to deliver something which is completely different from their niche might prove to be a disaster. Explain the type of results you’re expecting by showing them some photos as an example. If the photographer ensures to deliver the same results then you can go ahead with the booking.

Does the photographer look prepared?

An experienced photographer will ask you multiple questions related to your requirements, expectations and theme of the wedding or event. They will ask you questions about the shoot, the venue and the type of photography you’re looking for. They might even ask you if they can visit the venue to get a better idea about the surroundings and lighting of the place. Remember, if the photographer doesn’t ask these questions, doesn’t show an interest in your project or lacks in preparedness, simply avoiding hiring such inexperienced photographer.

Most of the photographers have a fixed budget for their services. However, you can easily find a photography company that can adjust its price range to suit your budget. Remember that low price might generate unfavorable results, so hire photographers after considering their experience and not their price range.