Other reasons for a themed party can include birthday celebrations, weddings, retirement, hens and bucks parties, graduation parties, special occasion, holiday parties and fundraiser events, just to name a few.

Once you have decided to have a themed party the next thing to do is to select a theme, for example, an alphabet party, color party, decade party, hula or beach party, rock n roll party, jungle party, medieval, casino, bling, murder mystery, Hollywood, Arabian, western or masquerade party.

After you have set the theme for your party you will need to gather a list to bring it all together and decide how the themed party is going to look, this includes, food, decorations, beverages, props, costumes, venue and entertainment.

Showgirls are a great way to kick-start a party as they can greet the guests as they arrive, show them to their table, mingle, take photos and even perform a dance routine. Your guests will love it!

One of the most important decisions to make when planning your party is if you intend to do all the organizing yourself or want to hire an event planner to do all the work.

Event planners can provide everything needed for a themed party, it all depends on how much you are willing to spend. If you are considering organizing things yourself, one of the first things to plan is the sending out of invitations. The style of the invitation will set the tone of the party, whether it is casual, smart, glamorous or fun!

Make sure you send them out well in advance as people will need lots of time to make arrangements, book babysitters, transport, buy an outfit and keep their evening free for the special occasion.

Whether your party is a simple or extravagant event make sure you enjoy the party and send out “Thank You” cards to everyone who bought you a gift.