There is maintenance to ensure the fabric of the dress is not damaged as years pass. For this reason, many couples just have their wedding day recorded through videos.

Wedding videography has become popular in the past decade. You get to enjoy watching your wedding day over and over again. Your children and grandchildren can also enjoy your wedding day. Make sure to hire wedding videographers who are offering their services within your budget. It is expensive because quality wedding videos require quality and advanced videography equipment.

In case you do not have the budget to hire the professionals, you should consider these expert tips on how to record your wedding day the DIY way. Start by securing a video camera, and not necessarily an HD one but if possible do find one. HD video cameras have wide screens and can handle recording footages in low-light. You need to check as well that it can record audio or your wedding video will be a silent one. A wireless microphone and headphones are used by the pros for the audio to be clearly recorded.

Since a wedding celebration will be a day or the entire night, you will most probably record videos from 30 minutes to more than an hour long. Your video camera might not have enough memory space to save longer videos, so secure a memory card large enough to record lots of videos. Whether you are going to use a still camera or a DSLR, videos can take up lots of space. Purchase the largest memory card that you can afford or borrow from someone you know. Make sure to have extra memory cards too.

Bring extra batteries and power cord for power supply. The battery life of your video camera could only last for 2 to 3 hours depending on how long it was used to record footages. What will you do once the battery has been used up and there is still cake cutting and bouquet throwing? Surely, you wouldn’t want to have that missed in the video.

Professional wedding videographers honestly tell their clients that they use software to edit the videos. It is necessary to combine all the footages and to create the desired effect. If you also want to achieve quality wedding videos, try to search for video editing software.