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Working together, we narrowed down the design to create a gown May absolutely loved. Featuring a perfectly tailored bodice of intricately beaded French lace, softly feminine removable sleeves draping off her shoulders, and volumes of delicate silk chiffon – May’s wedding dress quickly became one of my favourites!

We also created a cathedral length veil using matching French lace to perfectly match May’s dress as well as the removable sleeves worn for the ceremony and removed for the reception.

May also chose to complement her rose gold engagement ring (stunning!) with some exquisite rose gold embroidery hidden amongst the French lace. To do this I sourced a beautiful length of copper coated thread which was used extensively in gold work embroidery during the 15th, 16th and 17th Centuries.

May George 2

may george 3

Calico toile ready for the first fitting.

May George 4

May George 5

may and george 6

may and george 7

May's tailored wedding dress featured a fully structured built in bra for the perfect lift and fit.

may and george 8

Hand appliquéing the stunning French lace.

may and george 9

Delicate rose gold goldwork embroidery matched May's engagement ring beautifully.

may and george 10

Delicate silk covered buttons running the length of the back.

may and george 11

may and george 12

Vintage lace and a delicate blue bow - Something old and Something blue!

may and george 13

may and george 14

may and george 15

may and george 16

may and george 17

may and george 18

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may and george 19

may and george 20

may and george 21

may and george 22

May & George | October, 2016
Dress: Kimberley Woodward Designs
Photographer: Towards the Moon Creatives
Location: Hanging Tree Wines, Pokolbin