Jacqui was immediately drawn to his sense of fun & amazing blue eyes and they ended the evening enjoying their first unofficial date together, when they went across the road for fish & chips.


Jacqui loved how easy going Corey was, that he was so much fun to be around and that his protective nature made her feel so incredibly special, and Corey was completely enchanted by Jacqui’s bubbly personality and killer smile.


Nine years later, on the sun drenched Sorrento beach overlooking the vivid blue Port Phillip Bay, Corey was completely lost for words as Jacqui’s father lifted his daughter’s veil revealing the spectacular smile that Corey had come to know and love so well, before Jacqui held his hand and joyfully prepared to marry her best friend.





Jacqui & Corey | 02.04.2015

Celebrant: Meriki Comito
Photography: Robyn Swallow Photography