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It read, “love is a friendship set on fire – a combination of everyday life and magic bundled into one. Love has the unique ability to transform the webs and pillars of everyday life into silk and gold. It is more than a feeling or emotion, concept or theory; it is a being.”

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After all the traditional Chinese customs in the morning, I was waiting with David on the rooftop deck at Luminare, when admitted that he was very much looking forward to seeing Sharmaine make her way down the aisle, and I’m certain that she most definitely exceeded his expectations as she stepped into the sunshine, absolutely exquisite in Anna Campbell.

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When David and Sharmaine first met at University about 8 years ago, David recalled his first impressions of Sharmaine as being that she was very small…but very pretty! And Sharmaine admitted that she loves the fact that David is tall enough to reach all the things that she can’t!

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All jokes aside, David & Sharmaine also share an incredible connection and found themselves wanting to share all the important moments in their lives quite early in their relationship, eventually leading to David’s amazing mid-air proposal.

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Incorporating a hand fasting ritual to provide a visual representation of their commitment,  Sharmaine & David’s hands were bound with silver & white ribbons to represent purity, peace, creativity & inspiration, before they shared their first kiss as husband & wife to the absolute joy of all their family & friends.

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Sharmaine & David | 27.12.2014
Celebrant: Meriki Comito
Photography: Jonathan Ong